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1st Rebuild 2005 - 11

Hampton came back from London to Cowroast in 2004.  From the outside, the boat looked fine (apart from the wide top plank).  However, it soon became apparent that both the back cabin and the wooden main cabin were leaking badly.  The fore cabin was particularly bad - wet rot was beginning to take hold.

The time had come to have a watertight steel main cabin and fore cabin.  We reckoned that with continuous attention and maintenance it might be possible to preserve the wooden back cabin. With hindsight, this was the wrong decision. 

Tim made some preliminary sketches so that Graeme would know where to position the door/windows.   

One of the chief considerations was to arrange the position of the doors and windows so that the Fellows, Morton and Clayton lettering was equally spaced between the windows and doors.

The position of the fire was later altered and the half bulkhead next to the bedroom was taken away. Tim wanted an open plan cabin with no internal bulkheads.

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