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A top plank and stands were added.  The new cloths were made of canvas.  This proved to be an expensive mistake because they lasted only a couple of years before they split. The replacements are textured vinyl.  The wooden cabin was patched up and painted, but it would prove very difficult to prevent it from leaking.

We were now able to use Hampton.  This picture clearly shows the wide top plank and the mis-proportioned front cabin.  

The most urgent task was to sort out the baseplate and hull. Then we wanted to make it look reasonably smart with new cloths and a coat of paint.  We also needed to make the back cabin habitable, with a fire and lining out.

This would give us a breathing space until we had worked out a plan of restoration which would take the best part of twenty years.

Fixing the essentials  1993 - 94

We wanted to start using the boat as soon as possible, but first the thin footings and baseplate had to to fixed.  Dave Rance  replaced the elm   with 10mm steel.  Surveyor Jim McDonald condemned the footings so these also were replaced.

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